Give a New Look to your Website!

It is unlikely that any of the established business houses and corporations, will not have their websites made when they started off. Of course there is always a growing demand for new websites for new business and individuals. Redesigning essentially caters to the existing establishments in giving a facelift to worn out websites.

In order to get the best out of the redesigned website , it is necessary to undertake an exercise of asking and evaluating about your existing website and your 'going to be' website:

  • One needs to evaluate the existing website and zero in on the success and failures of the website and use them while redesigning the existing website.

  • If you think, the present site does not grab enough attention, then think about some striking bookmark which visitors can remember, if they want to come back.

  • It is advisable to research your competitors and incorporate their successes and learn from their failures.

  • Ask yourself if your website appeals to the target audience. Try to put on their shoes and see if your site is appealing to them.

  • While going for a redesign, it is important to understand the theme or 'mood' of the target audience and accordingly decide if the website should look professional, academic, humorous, family or technical.

  • The biggest disadvantage of any website is its virtual presence. Consequently, one needs to walk that extra mile to create 'trust' within the visitor.

  • Trust can be won by either displaying actual physical business street address or by pasting several of your existing client's names and their feedbacks.

  • It is important to keep 'search engines' in mind and accordingly introduce frequently used key words in your website, by analyzing visitor key words.

  • At times giving small details of the person behind the website or the team involved can do the magic and create personal interest in your visitors.

  • Interaction is important and is a big advantage associated with the internet. It is advisable to introduce a discussion forum, while redesigning; if your website does not have one. This helps create an information pool for your future clients. This idea is often termed as 'collaboration' in internet terminology.

  • Most websites are meant for international audience and if yours is one of them, make sure that you avoid local jargons and avoid using unnecessary graphic displays (in many parts of the world, high speed internet is not accessible). Moreover this also helps in faster loading of your website.