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Domain Registration Web Hosting Services Company in Egypt and Middle East
We are Best Domain Registration Web Hosting Services Company in Egypt and Middle East . We offer windows hosting, Linux hosting, SQL Server hosting with best price. Our best hosting solutions in the market, made us top web hosting provider in Egypt and Middle East . When you think about web hosting, just think about Smart Lines for best service and web performance.

Fast Servers

Smartlines offers Fast, Reliable and High-performance servers that will help you succeed. Featuring updated hardware and a Site Accelerator that make the access to your website faster.

Highest data security

All Smartlines hosting servers are protected from all unauthorized access and threats by the best software solutions, antivirus, SpamAssassin and kernel security patches.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Smartlines guarantees that your website will be online 99.9% of the time. In case of any failure, your services continue to operate without interruption.No Server Overloading.

Full Technical Support

Smartlines technical support team consists of experts who will give you the technical answers you require if you have any difficulty.

Quality Hosting Services

Smartlines provides you with the highest quality hosting services that will adapt to the future growth of your business needs

Lower monthly payments

Smartlines offers the best value for the price, an affordable price for a large variety of hosting needs with the utmost flexibility

Custom Services

Whether your need is, a custom storage space or a dedicated server, Smartlines Hosting is ready to help you achieve your goals.